Who we are

Talents Children's Mission is a home for orphaned children in Elburgon Town Kenya. We are registered with the office of the local Children's Officer, and started receiving children in February 2007. We now have twenty boys living with us, all between the ages of 10 and 14 years. Our compound is located about 2 kilometres outside Elburgon, and we have a total of 3.5 acres which means we have plenty of space to grow food, to keep livestock, and for the children to play. As our resources allow we plan to build more residential space so that we can take in girls as well as boys.

The home is managed by Talents Revival Ministry which is a large network of churches in the area under the leadership of Bishop Samuel Muya, with the main church in Elburgon. They have a board of trustees that oversees the running and management of the home. We have an excellent team of six full-time salaried staff who have the daily care of the home and the children. They are headed up by Susan, our house mother, and Joseph, our caretaker and administrator. All of our staff have a real heart for the children, and are dedicated to their care.

Children that come to us are malnourished and often in need of medical attention. Those coming from extended families sometimes show signs of physical abuse. However, the children quickly respond to the love and care that they find here.

We have been able to get places for all the boys at one of the best local schools and arranged for them to receive extra tuition at the home. The place has a loving family atmosphere and the children are very happy here, treating it as their home, even helping with the chores!

Samuel and Esther MuyaThe kitchen