We drill a borehole

The borehole produces water

It was a long time in coming, mainly due to necessary legal processes, but we are very pleased to say that we now have a borehole on site! Everyone was very excited when the drilling rigs appeared at the home and after a week's work the borehole was drilled and on the 6th of February it was producing water. You can see pictures of the borehole in the Gallery.

The borehole will guarantee the home a constant supply of fresh potable water that will be enough for cooking, washing and also to irrigate our crops. This will help to reduce our food costs as we can now rely on food from the field and avoid having to buy expensive alternatives when there is drought or an extended dry season. We also plan to sell water to the local community to meet the borehole's running costs. This valuable resource was made possible by a very generous donation from St Andrew's church in Woking, UK, for which we are very grateful.

For the technically minded, the borehole is 204m deep and is pumping water from a depth of 114m. A production pump has been installed that is capable of pumping at a rate of 10 cum/hr.