Talents rated the best run home in the District

Mr Clement Gisore is the District Children's Officer for the Molo District, and our home comes under his jurisdiction. His office has voted our home as the best run in his district, and he regards it as a model for others to follow. The Provincial Children's Officer and the National Children's Director have also been to the home and regard it very highly. This is high praise indeed and something our staff in Kenya can rightly be proud of.
Mr Gisore is particularly pleased with the way the home is investing in projects to help its sustainability, including the growing of crops and keeping livestock. He also notes that the children are well cared for and encouraged to develop whatever skills or talents they have. We have always known that the boys are flourishing and are happy in the home, it is good that the local government have recognised it too. You can see his video clip on our home page.