The following links will give you more informtion about orphans and the AIDS situation in Kenya.

  • UNICEF Kenya Statistics
  • Statistics produced by UNICEF on child health and welfare in Kenya.

  • Kenya Aids Institute
  • The Kenya AIDS Watch Institute website provides current information on the AIDS situation in Kenya, including the impact on AIDS orphans.

  • BBC News (February 2008)
  • The post election violence in Kenya scars children. (Note: one of the children in our home was orphaned in this violence.)

  • Seattle Times (18 June 2006)
  • Teenager's slaying in Kenya exposes the burden and lack of care for those with HIV.

  • BBC News (31 May 2006)
  • Sub-Saharan Africa continues to bear the brunt of the Aids pandemic but Kenya stands out as one country that appears to be turning the tide.

  • BBC News (22 February 2005)
  • Logging ban badly affects Elburgon..

  • BBC News (25 June 2001)
  • The Kenyan Government is accused by a human rights group of abandoning millions of children orphaned by the Aids epidemic, and exposing them to widespread abuse.

  • Human Rights Watch (25 June 2001)
  • Human Rights Watch charges the government of Kenya of failing to care for millions of children who have been orphaned by AIDS or whose family members suffer from the disease.