As their name implies, these fireplaces mount easily on your wall of choice. £329.00 to £339.00. All our fireplaces are fuelled with bio ethanol a green renewable energy source. A The Bio Flame fireplace is a great eco-friendly alternative to torches and fire pits, as they look great without the smell, hassle, and upkeep of traditional fireplaces and other sources of outdoor fires. offers bio-ethanol burner inserts as a simple solution. The Soothing Company offers top-quality ethanol fireplaces that are guaranteed to satisfy in any home or business space. Bioethanol in stock. £349.00 View. Unscented Bio Ethanol Fuel (3) Scented Bio Ethanol Fuel (2) Decanting Accessories (1) ... Bioethanol Fuel | Ethanol Fireplace Fuel. The bio-ethanol fuel is contained in a separate reservoir inside the fireplace from where it is pumped into the vapour accelerator. If you want to add beauty and warmth to any room, this would be an excellent choice for you. e-NRG has been produced for the lowest odor, most vibrant flame, and longest burn time on the market. Our brand of Bio Ethanol Fuel - CRYSTAL - consists of 96.6% of clean ethanol, which has been derived from fermentation of certain crops and food waste. A bio fireplace is basically a steel unit composed of a burner tray, a cover, and typically a protective screen where ethanol is burned to heat a space. Available in a black finish, it has removable glass panes. Please note if deciding to use these trays in your own flueless ethanol fire design the final fireplace must be built of a non combustible material in line with national building regulations. Bio Ethanol Burner Heat Output : The bigger the slot in the bioethanol burner insert the larger the flame and heat that will be given off – a typical bio ethanol fireplace insert that has a 300mm wide by 20mm deep slot will give off around 2Kw to 3Kw which is similar … £239.00 View. Bio Ethanol Fuel Bio ethanol fuel is a type of specially produced and denatured alcohol (toxicated so it becomes unsuitable for consumption), which is turned into a fuel for bio fireplaces. An ethanol fireplace (also bio-ethanol fireplace, bio fireplace), is a type of fireplace which burns ethanol fuel.They are often installed without a chimney.Ethanol for these fires is often marketed as bioethanol (ethanol produced from biomass). Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Model Madrid - Nature - Including Accessories. Fireplace Ranges . Bioethanol Heater 3000 W Static Home Heating 60 M3 Fiammetta Junior. Moda Flame Vigo Ventless Tabletop Fireplace: The Moda Flame Vigo Ventless Tabletop Fireplace is a beautiful and elegant model. Benefits of Bio Ethanol Fireplaces. Indoor Fireplaces. With modern bio-ethanol burners, you can build your own eco-friendly ventless fireplace. Bio Ethanol Fireplaces and Fire Pits. +44 (0)28 4177 4383 About Us Cocoon Fires produces beautiful and functional luxury and contemporary bioethanol fireplaces with no smoke, eliminating the need for flue. Because of this, you can enjoy a bio ethanol fireplace almost anywhere. AFIRE is a reference in terms of the comfort and ease of use of fire. New bio ethanol container firebox burner wool insert - different variants. These fireplaces are a great addition to any room that needs a feature, and are even suitable for outdoors in the garden. Within just a few minutes, a lovely natural and cosy flame will appear. Free postage. All you need is an ethanol burner and some non-flammable material. The process is pretty simple actually. Ethanol Fireplace Log Grates. Ethanol Fireplaces. Ethanol Corner Fireplace Caminetti Moskau Select the color of the Fire place. Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fire B2C Professional 1800 x 400 High Gloss Black Damaged. Luxury and contemporary fireplaces. e-NRG has undergone rigorous third party testing with all EcoSmart Fire ethanol fireplaces. Biofires are easy to maintain and cost-efficient and Imaginfires are the leading bio ethanol suppliers. Experience absolute design flexibility and freedom with an environmentally friendly collection of vent-free bio ethanol fireplaces and fire pits ... No flue or chimney means that the heat generated by the fireplace during combustion isn't lost up the chimney. Free postage. Warm bioethanol evaporates and escapes in the form of vapour through a perforated burner where it is ignited by a filament. Gel- and Ethanol-Fireplace Fire-Tower / Made in Germany / fire place bio etanol. Fire Screens & Accessories. A bio-ethanol fireplace (also called a bio fireplace or ethanol fire) can be used as a secondary heat source in a property, or outdoors on a patio or terrace for decorative purposes, which uses a bio fuel source to generate heat. Shop for Ethanol Fireplaces in Fireplaces. … Free postage. Odourless Bioethanol Fireplace Fuel . Even when there is not a flame to enjoy they still bring a heightened level of elegance to the room they occupy. Ethanol Burners The core of our fireplaces offering the ultimate in design flexibility. (12) 12 product ratings - Bio Ethanol Fireplace Round Indoor Outdoor Camping Glass Top Burner Safe Steel. Ethanol Biofuel The BioFuel used is a pure plant derivative, which is non-toxic, smokeless, odourless and environmentally friendly. The scented oils are available in small bottles or in the form of wax. White Globe Flame Bio Ethanol Fireplace PRIME FIRE 1000 by PLANIKA. Bio ethanol fuel is a great option if you’re concerned about air quality or want to protect your family, co-workers, or customers from air pollutants. The idea is simple: build a box or a platform out of non-flammable material, cut a slot that fits the ethanol burner that you chose, and insert the burner. How to Use Your The Bio Flame Fireplace. an environmentally friendly bio ethanol fireplace. Ethanol Heaters or Bio Ethanol Heaters are essentially naked flame heaters that uses bio-ethanol as fuel source, similar as a traditional fireplace uses wood as fuel. A fireplace without chimney: best alternative for traditional fires Ethanol Fireplace Fuel. We're often asked "how do flueless and vent-free fireplaces work?" Carrington Traditional Bio Ethanol Fireplace . Bio Ethanol Fires UK - Biofires Ireland Limited are the largest online seller of Bioethanol Fires and Bio ethanol fuel in Ireland and the UK. Since 2007, The Bio Flame has changed the fireplace industry with our innovative line of ethanol fireplaces. £33.99. Why buy a bio ethanol fireplace? 1. Everyone enjoys a good fire, especially when December and January rolls around. offers Moda Flame ethanol fireplace burners that are heavy grade 430 stainless steel and are indoor and outdoor safe. £399.99. Bio ethanol fuel is an eco-friendly option that doesn't release harmful toxins into your living space like traditional fireplaces. Some of our other bioethanol fireplace accessories is the scented oils which are currently available in 10 variations and spread a fresh scent in your home. There are many advantages a bio fuel heater has over its traditional counterparts and they increasing in popularity as … Best Bio Ethanol Fireplace Reviews 2020. Full Collection. Everything has been done to favor an easy use of your remote controlled bio ethanol fireplace.There is no installation work and no maintenance. Here you will find everything that makes a bioethanol fireplace smell good. Buy at Amazon. Only 1 left. The Bio Flame ventless ethanol fireplaces are easy to … Immediate despatch for delivery across Australia . 3 liters Set Ceramic Stones 24Stk Black + 3L Bio Ethanol + 3 Log Cans with Saving Plates + 3 and Ceramic Sponges for Gel Fireplace Table Fire Deco Fireplace Bio Ethanol Fireplace £45.30 £ 45 . Keep your fireplace and chimney without the need to clean ashes and soot. Use of any other fuel may damage your unit and void your warranty. Tecno Air System MAROSTICA Bioethanol Fireplace, Black. NEW Professional Bio Ethanol Fireplace Biofire Fire 1200 x 400 * XMAS SALE * £238.00. Guaranteed to work in ALL brands of ethanol … Free postage. Bioethanol Fires the Official UK distributor of Indoor & Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces. PRE-ORDER NOW - Ascot Bio Ethanol Fire Grate in Mirrored Finish. Simple, Secure & Smart Ethanol Fireplace. or Best Offer. Decoflame offer a range of designer bio ethanol fireplace with bespoke and readymade options. Experience the striking design and glowing ambiance of our modern ethanol fireplaces in your space. View Our Online Catalogue of Stunning Fires from EcoSmart & Planika 138 sold. Pros and Cons of Bio Ethanol Fireplaces October 10, 2018 More and more people are switching towards energy efficiency buildings, and this has resulted in changes in some areas, with the fireplace, which has been known to have a poor energy performance and producing high emissions, being at the top of the areas being targeted. e-NRG Bio Ethanol Fireplace & Fire Pit Fuel - Fuel for Indoor/Outdoor Ventless Fireplace/pits, 16 Quarts, Clean Burning, Signature Bright Orange Flame 4.7 out of 5 stars 89 $109.00 $ 109 . Using a gas-lighter-style tool or extended taper, light the bioethanol fuel. In recent years their popularity has steadily been on the rise. About The Bio Flame Ethanol Fireplaces. Roma II Bio Fireplace. 325 sold. Outdoor Fireplaces. Then a bioethanol fireplace is tailor-made for you! A wall-mounted bio-ethanol fireplace is one of the most beneficial pieces of modern art you can add to your living space. If you are looking for a fireplace for your bedroom or living room but have no gas, an electric fireplace is a poor substitute. Our range of Bio-Ethanol burner insert trays and fire boxes are a perfect solution for the bespoke bio-ethanol fireplace. 00 An ethanol fireplace which uses bio-ethanol fuel is a safe and stylish choice. Just squeeze the bioethanol fuel from our ‘squeezy’ bottles into the burner box supplied with your fireplace. How does a bio ethanol fireplace work. Its modern design makes it a perfect fit for any designer setting, whether it be a condo tabletop or a large, chic outdoor area. 1 litre of BioFuel burns for between 1.5 and 5 hours dependant on burning unit used and conditions with a heat output of approximately 1 - 2.0kW. Buy products such as Bio Ethanol Ventless Fireplace-Tabletop Rectangular Real Flame Smokeless Clean Burning Indoor Outdoor Portable Heat-360 View Modern Decor by Northwest at Walmart and save. Luxury Montagu Bio Ethanol Fire Grate in Polished Steel Finish. Buy at Amazon. [clarification needed] e-NRG is the only bioethanol fuel recommended for your ethanol fireplace.